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Ian Mahinmi an option?
« on: February 09, 2013, 04:02:47 PM »

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Only getting around 15 mins a game playing behind Hibbert. What would Ind want for him?
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Re: Ian Mahinmi an option?
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Given his contract, I suspect they would want a late lottery pick and a young player with starter potential.
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Re: Ian Mahinmi an option?
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Mahinmi is playing well for Indy. Good solid contributor off the bench.

And an important one at that because Mahinmi provides legitimate size and defensive presence when Roy Hibbert goes to the bench. Hibbert is not a high minute player. He plays less than Garnett. He is usually in the low end of that 28-30 minute per game range.

Plus, Indiana has two undersized PFs in David West and Tyler Hansbrough, neither of whom provides any real rim protection defensively, so there is a big need there for Indiana to have a defensive orientated center alongside them at all times. And with Hibbert minutes limited, that means they need a quality backup center.

So, because of those reasons, Mahinmi is a valuable contributor for Indiana. He balances their team. Important glue guy off the bench. If Indiana were to part with Mahinmi, they'd need a quality replacement center coming back to them. He is too valuable to give up otherwise (unless getting a large return for him).

Furthermore, and finally, Indiana gave up Darren Collison to get Mahinmi there in the summer so I'd say they value Mahinmi pretty highly. That Mahinmi would be difficult to pry away from the team. Very expensive (relative to his talent) to acquire.

Re: Ian Mahinmi an option?
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I've thought he'd be great for us too, but not sure he's on the block. He's young and plays good defense and hustles. He's a great asset for Indiana and I'm not sure they'd give him up unless someone overpays, can't ask for much better when it comes to a cheap backup center.

Re: Ian Mahinmi an option?
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Always wanted him, very athletic and a big presence inside. He would be quite expensive
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