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Re: Report: Milwaukee Bucks interested in Magic guard J.J. Redick
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I think Milwaukee have done really well this season.

Punching above their weight.
Their weight went up when Larry Sanders emerged.
How good do you think Larry Sanders is?

I am still not sure what to make of him. I was hoping to watch him tonight against Greg Monroe but Sanders had to sit out. Pity, that would have been a really fun head-to-head matchup.
I think he is really very good. Just watched the Bucks vs Denver game from earlier in the weak and he was more active than Faried on the glass and more of a threat to block shots than McGee. Of course I'm biased because he's exactly the type of player that kills us.

For a large part of the season his defensive rating was the best in the league (of any regular rotation players). For some reason the basketball reference website isn't loading for advanced stats. His defensive rating is 96, a statistic that is heavily influenced by his teammates. Except his next best teammate's rating is 100 and that belongs to Samuel Dalembert who rarely plays at the same time as Sanders. The next best defensive rating is 103. He leads the league in block percentage.
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