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Re: ed davis for courtney lee and 2nd
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Dont't want to get ahead of myself but isn't CLee the perfect guy to guard RWestbrook when we meet OKC in the finals?

I thought Bradley was that guy?

I think AB is too small for Westbrook.  Might be ok for a short time I guess

AB has done amazing work on Wade, who is certainly bigger than Westbrook (both height and strength).

I've seen him defend guys as big as Carmello on the odd occasion.  He defends bigger than his size.

Anyway I wouldnt do this.  To me Lee is now on the list with AB of guys I wouldmt trade unless it was the type of redidiculous deal you'd never get. Watching us play the Lakers the other day, we were able rotate a number of guys on him - Bradley's, Lee, Green and Pierce - and they all did a solid job of forcing him to take tough, contested shots. We don't lose all of our defensive pressure the instant AB or lee goes to the bench, our defensive Roth allows ud to pressure the ball constantly...and its a big reason why we are still winning despite Rondo being out.

Re: ed davis for courtney lee and 2nd
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neither team would want this
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