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Re: Kyrylo Fesenko Please Sign him DA
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He is big

Re: Kyrylo Fesenko Please Sign him DA
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Seems like a cool dude, He was team mates with Jason Collins in the Jazz a few years ago.

Legit 7 foot 1
280 pounds
Looks pretty mobile for his size

Does anybody else want this guy on the team or is it just me?

MISINFORMATION: Jarron Collins was on the Jazz with Ky, not Jason Collins.
Jameer an elite PG?Please, ask that to his garbage highlights.


Re: Kyrylo Fesenko Please Sign him DA
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Fesenko is brain dead. He is right there alongside Collins as one of the worst offensive centers in the league. A turnover waiting to happen. Terrible decision making. Very nervous and mistake prone whenever he is passed the ball. Defensively, Fesenko has bad fundamentals and poor positioning off the ball. A poor overall defensive player. His rebounding is below average too.

Fesenko is a really bad basketball player. A third string center who's only value is his physical size in the paint defensively and willingness to give hard fouls. Jason Collins already does that.

His offense does stink, but you couldn't be more wrong about his defense. In his Utah days at least, he consistently had one of the best defensive +/- in the league.

Quote from: Hollinger
The best-kept secret in the NBA right now is Fesenko's monstrous defensive stats. It's not that one or two metrics point out his defensive value; it's that all of them do, without any pointing to the contrary. Last season the Jazz were an eye-popping 11.91 points per 100 possessions better on defense with Fesenko on the floor, and this is not a new trend. The season before it was 8.67; in limited minutes his first two seasons he also had a strong differential. Synergy Stats, meanwhile, rated Fesenko as the second-best defender in the entire league among players who faced at least 150 opponent plays; the season before he was first. And according to, opposing centers had a PER of just 10.4 against him; the season before it was 12.9. Despite his size, Fesenko doesn't block a ton of shots or dominate the boards. He just uglies up the game for opponents with his sheer hugeness, especially since he moves his feet fairly well for his size. And he can still get better -- he wasn't always fully engaged in Utah and needs to step up his commitment.

That said, he's probably redundant with Collins already here.

Then why doesn't Memphis sign him?
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