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Why we love the Celtics
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I am starting a list of reasons why WE ALL LOVE the Celtics. Add as you wish, I am listing a couple moments/players/plays, add as you like

Russell saying he felt proud to be a Celtic by the way Bird played

Johnny most and his raspy voice always pointing out the bad guys and how we were being mistreated by refs

Gerald Henderson steal for layup in finals

DJ with his one handed passes to bird or mchale under the hoop while dribbling at the top of the three point line

Cowens diving for the ball in the finals and sliding about 20 feet on his belly

Paul busting his teeth out of his mouth on the floor and still playing

The hawks players cheering for bird on his 60 point night

Greg KiTE Subbing in finals and blocking Magic and surprising even the announcers

mchale playing on the broken foot in 87

ainge getting knocked out by threatt in Philly

Antoines wiggle

Pervis breaking his toe in 11 places

Brett szabo....marty conlon UGGHHH.

Re: Why we love the Celtics
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They wear Green

Rondo plays through elbow injury
Jeff Green - Top 5 SF

[Kevin Garnett]
"I've always said J. Green is going to be one of the best players to ever play this game"

Re: Why we love the Celtics
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Marcus Smart "Impacts Winning." Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens