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Danny prepared for this.
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It is very difficult to evaluate the performance of a GM or VP personnel in any sport.  One can obviously look at Wins-Losses, and leave it at that.  But we all know that in the NBA, a league with a ridiculous draft gambling system, a GM can fall victim to the cruelest of circumstances (see: Pitino, Rick).

A true assessment of a GM not only involves championships and W-L records, but the short/long-term financial health of the franchise, draft evaluation and selection, player development, trades, free agent signings, and the list goes on from there. 

One thing many people take for granted is a GM who is thinking steps ahead of the fans and the media.  That was my assessment of Danny trading Perk for Jeff Green:  maybe it was a terrible move at the time, breaking up a championship starting 5 mid-season, but with the lockout looming and the possibility of wholescale changes to the CBA (including removal of sign-and-trades), a good GM would be thinking about the best move for the present and future.  He did that and it was the right thing to do.

My point being:  Danny prepared for Rondo not being the nucleus of this team, at the same time while building a team centered around him.  We went from having too few guards last year to having so many that no one could get minutes.  And these are not scrubs that any team could have signed.  Terry and Lee are starter-level talent, and Barbosa has perennially been one of the best bench offensive guards in the league.  These guys were brought in to give us depth:  depth in case one of our starting guards was gone, and that includes Rondo.

I am not saying these last 6 games were Danny's plan, but his plan is unknowable, since he is 3 steps or more ahead of all of us.  Maybe a trade for Rondo would have came up this year.  Maybe he saw what happened to D Rose and thought Rondo was just a step away from the same situation.  Stuff happens.  Good GMs prepare their teams to whether the proverbial storm.

Well the storm hit the C's this year in a major way and they responded by ripping off 6 straight wins, beating Miami and blowing out LA.  That's the sign of a team prepared.  And it's a tribute to a great GM.  We are lucky he's on our side.

Re: Danny prepared for this.
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I said the exact same thing. Go Danny!
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Re: Danny prepared for this.
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Still there are fruitcakes here who want him fired.   We have a deep team on paper, for a while it did not pan out.  The team on the court now is almost the team we were supposed to have on paper.   I think some guys stepped up but I for one think we'd still be a better team with Rondo and Sully on it than without it.

Re: Danny prepared for this.
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I just wish Darko didn't flip out and run home the minute things didn't go right.