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Re: Do Not Trade Anyone (in our rotation)
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Is anybody even thinking long term?
Nope, enjoying the present.  Can't predict the future and who knows if it will even come

Gotta look at the future but can't just put all your eggs in the "hope" basket.
Not yet trading away Rondo, Bradley, Sullinger, Melo makes me feel like we don't have our eggs all in one basket.
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Re: Do Not Trade Anyone (in our rotation)
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If the Celtics want to make a good trade, they need to move guys that look to be playing well. 

Otherwise, they are not getting an impact back.

If we trade anyone who is currently playing well, we lose that benefit.

What we should be doing is trading for something, trading for an added benefit to combine with our team.

For example:

If we trade Lee away we lose our 2nd ball pressure and another driver/slasher to the rim.

If we trade Terry or Green we hurt our bench production significantly.

If we trade Pierce or KG....well nothing needs to be said, we lose alot...a LOT.

It comes down to this, is what he Celtics give up more or less useful/important then what they are getting back?

If the Celtics could get a talented big man for one of the guards, they should go for it.  It is easier to find a serviceable g vs. big man in the FA market.

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Re: Do Not Trade Anyone (in our rotation)
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i like this team a lot, without any trades

and since i posted a players that we can resign
most of you voted just make a trade
how can we supposed to get a big man, if we don't make a trade,
as stated here don't trade any of our rotation
terry bradley lee barbosa 100% believed this is a good rotation, all of them with playoffs finals experienced

terry won with dallas
lee with orlando vs lakers
barbosa with suns vs lakers

we are really at mid-salary cap going to hard salary cap
brandon bass bass is really a good coming of the bench
+ a good floor spacer for our 4 SG rotation

but as everyone wants,
should brandon bass stays? or be traded?
if ever we can do

Picks + Cash for Lets Say Mozgov 3.1$ million only, i think it won't happen we are still in salary cap unless
we really trade one player, which is what we need to get a guy cheaper who can at least somehow defends the middle