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Re: Gortat, Millsap, Morris to BOS / Rondo, Bass to PHX / Dragic to Utah
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Boston improves their chances of Banner 18 in 2013 significantly, with the intention of signing or S&Ting Millsap in the offseason.

Phoenix gets the star player and identity they've been craving -- Rondo is the perfect player to build around for good old fashioned uptempo Phoenix Suns hoops.

Utah gets the good young PG they're looking for in exchange for either Millsap or Jefferson.

Miami starts getting a little nervous.....

I'm bumping this before the deadline. I still say it makes sense for all parties. I'll get slammed for it, but don't care.

Phoenix ~~ desperately needs a franchise star. Rondo is worth buying low for them. They're top training staff has him ready to go for training camp, and meanwhile, they tank the rest of the season. I think it would be incredibly tough for them to turn this deal down.

Utah ~~ may not be able pry Bledsoe from the Clips for Millsap. Dragic is a solid young PG to add to Hayward, Favors, Kanter.

Boston ~~ goes 'all in' this year, then resigns Millsap this summer.

Both Phoenix and Utah are reportedly very active right now. Go get 'em, Danny....

  A boatload of halfway decent players isn't "all in" and it won't scare the Heat. We'd then replace Phoenix as a team that desperately needs a franchise star, not something that's thrilling for the long term.

It's two players and a prospect for a player and half.

Millsap and Gortat are better than you suggest. The Cs frontcourt becomes the best in the Eastern Conference.

Do you want to win this year or not? Any better ideas?

 It's 2 players and a prospect for a player and a 26 year old that's a 4 time all-star. Without looking around, I'd say that a front line featuring LeBron and Bosh is better than ours. I want to win a title but that doesn't mean I want to throw away our best young player for a group that isn't going to make us favorites (or close to it) to win this year.

Nothing could make the Cs favorites -- that deal doesn't exist, unless you know how to talk Riley out of LeBron.

Without legitimate size added in the middle, the Cs have essentially zero chance to win this year. Lebron will be at the cup whenever he wants. 

This deal would improve their chances, in part based on the additions of the players themselves, and in part due to the freshness they can provide KG in terms of minutes played.


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Didn't RR just PARTIALLY tear his ACL???????????????????