Author Topic: Melo -> Red Claws, FA Big -> His spot in the rotation  (Read 1586 times)

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Re: Melo -> Red Claws, FA Big -> His spot in the rotation
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Melo is the type of guy that just needs to build a little confidence and he'll be fine. HE was horrible in the D LEague and then had a good game and never let up. Give the guy a chance..

Re: Melo -> Red Claws, FA Big -> His roster spot
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That's not how the d-league works. To free up his roster spot we'd have to waive him, another team would be free to sign him then. Another team would take him on as a project certainly. Especially since it wouldn't be for guaranteed money.

I'm not sure what you are saying here.

If we wanted him off the roster to free his spot - sure, we'd have to waive him.

But we don't need to do that to send him to the D-league.   The new CBA allows teams to send guys in their first 2 years back & forth to the D-League unlimited times.

And there is no need to waive him for his roster spot anyway as we currently only have 13 players on the roster - we have 2 open roster spots.
OP said the C's get another player for his roster spot before an edit to clarify what he meant.

Oh - okay.   'Wuz confuzed for a moment!   (You normally make a lot more sense than that seemed!)
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