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This is the trade I want to see Danny pull off. Works on trade machine but links not working so you'll have to trust me.

To BOS: Smith (ATL), Jordan (LAC), Redick (ORL)
To LAC: Garnett (BOS), Pierce (BOS)
To ATL: Odom's expiring (LAC), Butler (LAC), Bledsoe (LAC)
To ORL: Morrow (ATL), future 1st (LAC)

C's lineup next year:
J Smoove
Jeff Green

Bench: Bradley, Lee, Sully, Bass, Barbosa, Wilcox, Melo

Can't get more freaking athletic than that team and Redick would get so many open looks with it.
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Re: Combined BOS/LAC/ATL/ORL
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3 of the worst shooters in the league in the starting 5 , no thanks