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IDEA - four teamer
« on: February 07, 2013, 02:32:55 PM »

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We trade Terry and Bass for Emeka Okafor (or Nene) workin as a faciltator for a trade that sends:

Okafor: Celtics
Bass/Aaron Brooks: Clippers
John Salmons/Jason Terry DEMARCUS COUSINS : Wizards

...that trade makes Tyreke evans expendable. And, it gives the Kings a dope point guard, which they (more than any other team in the entire NBA) really need.

Cousins is teamed with his old GTown teammate, Wall; though the Wiz have to take on salary to get him.

The Clippers lose Bledsoe, true - but get back a serviceable backup in Brooks. And Bass is a massive upgrade over Odom.

Not sure how good this trade is for the Celtics. What's your opinion?

Re: IDEA - four teamer
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Awful trade for clippers.
This is all about money laundering.