Author Topic: Dwight Howard says he won't take long-term risk just to return to save lakers  (Read 3221 times)

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I thought Dwight looked pretty bad tonight. Physically, I mean.

Gave them what he could. Good effort.
Jeff Green went right at him straight on and got an easy layup.

Clearly isn't right physically. I don't get why the organization is being so public about him being cleared to play for a while, needing to play through pain, etc....
I'm not a Laker fan and I'm laughing seeing all of this drama going down, but Dwight does not look right at all. I don't think he should've came back to play unless he truly felt ready because if he has a career ending injury,  then what?

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Howard looks terrible physically and doesn't look good mentally either. He hasn't been the same Howard playing for LA and you can just tell he is an unhappy fella.
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hey Mitchy boy.  the offer of Collins for Howard still stands.........make up your mind....or we'll have to have a first rounder to boot


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