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Doc criticizes the media for trade rumors
« on: February 05, 2013, 04:16:37 PM »

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Doc criticized the media for their role in rumor-mongering:

A frustrated Doc Rivers on Tuesday called the recent trade rumors swirling around the Boston Celtics' stars "silly" and driven solely by the media, while a couple of the players who have been the subject of those rumors blew them off as just part of life at this time of year.

"All from [the media]," the Celtics' coach said of trade rumors. "None from us. Really. I would like to say that. Sometimes I like [the media], sometimes, some of the stuff that happens is just silly. It really is. When I wake up in the morning and I hear a trade rumor that I haven't heard in my office, that's silly, and that's what happens."

Rivers continued: "I heard one report -- I honestly did -- that me, [Los Angeles Clippers guard] Chauncey [Billups], Kevin [Garnett] and Paul [Pierce] had dinner. And I was like, 'I wish I would have known about it. That would have been terrific, because I would have made them pay and I could have had a free dinner.'

"But it's just silly what goes on. And I don't think it's honestly [the Boston media]. I think someone can sit behind a computer and write something. The problem is, now you guys have to actually report it, which you shouldn't do. But you do, and it becomes an issue."

I hadn't heard the dinner rumor, but yeah, Doc's right.  A lot of nonsense is printed, not only by unknown bloggers but also supposedly "legitimate" guys like Peter Vecsey (who is less credible than Bleacher Report).  At the same time, it's part of Doc's job to keep his team focused and to minimize the affect of trade rumors, so he'd probably be saying the exact same thing even if a deal was imminent.

At this point we've had both the Clippers and Celtics deny that discussions involving KG have taken place.  Do you trust them, or is that almost confirmation that the two sides have discussed something? 

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Re: Doc criticizes the media for trade rumors
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Blaming Boston media for asking the question is a little dumb. They wouldn't be doing their job if they just assumed every rumor was false.

Re: Doc criticizes the media for trade rumors
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The media makes all rumours
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Re: Doc criticizes the media for trade rumors
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I don't know what is true , but I am thinking they had talks, of course they are going to deny it for various reasons .

Re: Doc criticizes the media for trade rumors
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Three guys that played together at different times had dinner. Shocker.
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