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Re: Blatche available again
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Gotta do it at this point. Cash and a first rounder is fine with me, this years draft sucks anyways

I think this draft class is quite underrated.  Sure, there may be no superstar at the top, but you should be able to get solid NBA rotation caliber players in the 15-20 range, which is where we're likely to pick.  I'd much rather have that than 2 months of Blatche.
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A guy being productive on a no money team and the team wants to unload him before all-star break.

Lets run out and get him!

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Re: Blatche available again
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Can we finally put to rest this nonsensical Blatche talk?

There is a reason every team that has ever had him has tried to get rid of him (despite decent on-court numbers).  He's obviously more trouble than he's worth.  Low bball IQ?  No doubt.  Weight and training issues?  Yep.  How about adding low character IQ to that list?  He was just involved in an alleged sexual assault case.  You think Doc and Danny want to bring anything like that into our locker room.

On top of that truth, the Nets and Celtics would NEVER make this deal.  We swapped draft picks back in 2011, but the Nets aren't going to give us a 7-ft center for a future 2nd round draft pick (the Celtics don't have a 2nd rounder this year), and if Danny gave up our 1st rounder for Blatche, I would pour a tall, stiff drink and curse his name.

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First, TP to the OP for using a SB nation link.

Second, this is from Sam Amico, who is the the trick or treatiest basketball journalist this side of anonymous twitter accounts.

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Re: Blatche available again
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Hell to the no!

Terry had been playing great in Rondo's absense (unsurprisingly) and is all the more important to us now with Rondo out and our guard rotation shortened.

If we could get him for a pick sure, but not for Terry.

Also Terry's contract is far from bad.  He's a talented scorer, proven veteran and bog time playoff performer on the midlevel exception.  Many teams would see him as good value given his history of playing big when it counts.

Re: Blatche available again
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Better off with a pick. We are turning the Corning into becoming a youn team and need to stay away from head cases