Author Topic: Doc is underutilizing Terry.  (Read 331 times)

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Doc is underutilizing Terry.
« on: February 03, 2013, 10:09:01 PM »

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This guy is the best at creating for a second unit with the ball in his hands. Instead Rivers is playing him off the ball with guys like Lee and Bradley handling the ball. Terry is a far better ball handler and passer than Bradley hands down.

Furthermore in the pick and roll, where Terry excelled in Dallas, he is getting only 3 opportunities a game in Boston as the ball handler. I understand that Terry had an elite guy in Dirk popping for jumpshots in Dallas, but we still have Garnett and Bass who have shown that they can be very effective as pop-out jumpshooters.

The only way we beat anyone in any round of the playoffs is if we get terry working in the pick and roll with both the starters and the second unit and allow him to use his creativity.

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