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So yeah. Show's over.
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No disrespect at this point to PP or KG. They both deserve rings, and I doubt either of them want to end their careers on major losing streaks, just to remain together.

If they do, I respect that pride. All the same though, Danny should do the right thing and at least offer them the option to not have to end their careers with an 8-seed at best, only to have the Heat eat them alive in the playoffs.

I think it would be almost impossible to keep both guys together in trades, but there are scenarios that work to keep PP/KG together.

We could all but guarantee the Clippers a championship with this trade:

BOS trades:
Paul Pierce
Kevin Garnett
Jason Terry

LAC trade:
DeAndre Jordan
Caron Butler
Lamar Odom
Chauncey Billups

Pretty obvious for both teams. Boston gets inferior players, but cheaper/younger assets in Jordan/Butler. They also get 12 million in expiring deals with Odom/Billups, to go after another upper-level player in free agency.

Do I need to say why the Clippers do this? They are great as is, but I don't think any team in the league can beat a front-court of KG/Griffin/PP, and also handle the rotation of CP3/Crawford/Bledsoe/Terry........Barnes/Turiaf/Hollins eat up the rest of the minutes.

Another option: Send Pierce/KG to go play for Tibbs in Chicago

BOS Trades:


CHI Trades:


If Rose gets back to full speed sooner than later, the lineup of Noah/KG/PP/RIP/Rose may be more of a halfcourt style, but more than enough to beat Miami. Although Deng/Boozer are lesser players than both Pierce/KG respectively, they both have a few years more to offer, and are both paid reasonably for their production.

Next seasons lineup would be Boozer/Sully/Deng/Bradley/Rondo.

My last trade idea would be between BOS/OKC/ATL

BOS Trades:


BOS gets:

Josh Smith/Kevin Martin/Perry Jones/Jeremy Lamb/Devin Harris

ATL Trades:

Smith/Harris/Deshawn Stevenson

ATL Gets:

PP/Brandon Bass/Eric Maynor

OKC Trades:

Kevin Martin/Perry Jones/Jeremy Lamb/Eric Maynor

OKC Gets:

KG/Jason Terry/Deshawn Stevenson

This is my favorite scenario for Boston. Get as many prospects as possible. Smith is expiring, and maybe he agrees to take slightly less than what he desires to stay with Rondo. If not, the $$$ is off the books. Kevin Martin is expiring as well, and he could be resigned for far less than he is paid now. Same thing for Devin Harris. Either way, the blowup is complete in one fell swoop, and Boston walks away with major cap flexibility for 2013/14 and get prospects in Perry Jones and Jeremy Lamb, as well as 3 players to either negotiate with, or all the $$$ needed to be one of the biggest players in FA.

I think the trade is obvious for OKC. As much as they would like to keep Jones/Lamb around, their front office would more than like to make up for totally blowing it on the James Harden trade. Kevin Martin has been mediocre at best. Jason Terry can step in and play some PG, and they also get another solid veteran in DeShawn Stevenson. KG absolutely puts this team over the top.

Ibaka/KG/Durant/Sefolosha/Westbrook with Terry/Perk/Stevenson/Collison is an insane 9-man rotation. Too much youth/inexperience still in OKC and KG easily gives them the most talented bigs in the NBA, plus Durant/Westbrook. Game over.

The trade is less appealing to ATL in terms of really putting them over the top. However, they are more than aware of losing Smith all together, Harris likely won't come back either. Lou Williams going down really hurt them, but they would have a solid playoff lineup:


their shallow rotation of Maynor/Morrow/Pachulia/Toliver would be their ultimate undoing in the playoffs.

Re: So yeah. Show's over.
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Nice post, but no cigar
Jameer an elite PG?Please, ask that to his garbage highlights.


Re: So yeah. Show's over.
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KG has a "no-trade" clause in his contract.
He doesnt have to accept any trades involving him.
Jack of all trades, master of none.

Re: So yeah. Show's over.
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Show's not over, (and KG's going nowhere).
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Re: So yeah. Show's over.
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If you trade KG, you lose 50% of the team.