Author Topic: Does this apply to Rondo? (Laker Jordan Hill $1.78M Injury Exception)  (Read 3009 times)

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Re: Does this apply to Rondo? (Laker Jordan Hill $1.78M Injury Exception)
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The injury would have had to happen (and the team would have had to apply) before January 15th.  At this point in the season, they could only get an exception for next season, and that would only be if Rondo were deemed to be out all of next year. 

Its too bad too, because you can use it for a trade for a guy in the last year of his contract, which I hadn't realized:

The team may trade for a player in the last season of his contract only (including any option years), who is making no more than 50% plus $100,000 of the disabled player's salary, or the amount of the Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level exception plus $100,000, whichever is less.

I wonder, how many useful players on $2.6 million or less expiring contracts are there out there?

$2.6 million?  Wouldn't it be $5.1 million?  Rondo makes $11 million per year, so the exception would have been the non-taxpayers mid-level exception.

Or are you talking about the hard cap?
Hard cap, we only have 2.6 million worth of room with the apron.

Well, I guess hypothetically, the C's could then find a way to trade away a couple contracts to get further below the apron to use the full exception. 

Although its all moot anyways, since the C's are not eligible for an exception.

Re: Does this apply to Rondo? (Laker Jordan Hill $1.78M Injury Exception)
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Never expect any breaks from the league....couldn't get one when Reggie died....had t count his contract for a couple of years

Here, I don't think the league could give us a break if they wanted to.

Come on that was ridicules! A guy dies and it still counts on the cap? One of my top reasons for hating the NBA, if I was not a Celtic fan that would have been the end for me. (still p---ed about it lol) >:(

The Celtics took the NBA to court over that one and lost.
The NBA is a very stupid, corrupt, and unethical league