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Re: I feel for Memphis fans and players
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I live in TN and know all about the Grizzlies.

I guarantee youIMO, after reading local news (everyday) and listening to talk radio (with Grizzly insiders) they would take Green and Bass for Gay if Ainge could find a 3rd team to absorb Bass's contract with expiring players for their 2nd unit.

I live in Boston, and I know all about the Celtics.  I don't guarantee you anything about what Danny would do. 

No offense, and I am sure you are more connected to the Grizz than most people on here.  But I think its going a bit far to suggest that you know whether or not they would accept a deal.

Let me fix it for you. ::)

Much better.  Sorry, to pick on you, but its a pet peeve of mine.

I could tell. LOL! TP

If this Grizz inside info is true lets go for this trade.
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Re: I feel for Memphis fans and players
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Everyone thought Gay would get a max contract offer as a RFA. What surprised people is that the Grizzlies didn't let him get that offer and just match it, instead they offered the max themselves.

Really, everyone?  I think there was shock that Gay got such a big deal.  Part of that was the shock of Heisley opening his checkbook but Gay becoming a max player also played a part.  Really, I have zero connections and am just guessing but I have a hard time believing that everyone thought Gay was worth a max deal or would get one.
A max deal from your own team is a bigger deal (longer term) than one you can get in FA. So yes people were shocked with the deal Memphis gave him. But it was expected he'd get offered the max for a RFA and that Memphis would match.

I doubt it simply because Gay has never played at a max level and there is no way the consensus around the league was that he would get a max offer.