Author Topic: Should the Rockets Be a Model for Our Rebuild?  (Read 1438 times)

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Re: Should the Rockets Be a Model for Our Rebuild?
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I wouldn't rule out Danny trading Rondo next year, even if KG and Pierce come back.  If Rondo's playing well enough, I could see him try to grab a good shooting PG and serviceable big for Rondo.  Rondo throws himself around the court a lot, and that kind of play can lead to multiple injuries, no less a torn ACL.
I would, Danny will probably approach it similar to he did with Pierce. He'll consider moving Rondo, but it'd be to get a young player who he thinks will be a star.

The prime example of this is the proposed Paul Pierce to Portland for their pick and Nick van Excel (who was expiring iirc).

Well, with the plethora of talented guards in the league, I'm sure Danny could find someone who has star potential.  If he were to trade Rondo, it would probably be near the trade deadline next year.
More likely near the draft.

True, if Danny could land one of the Harrison twins (going to UK next year), that would be a nice deal to do.  Both are expected to be lottery picks.