Author Topic: Rondo aftermath. Ideas I have heard from the past day. Media n family included.  (Read 3038 times)

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I found Bowen's idea completely unhelpful. It basically boils down to "have your guys play better"

I bet Doc is sitting in Danny's office right now saying "You know, that Bowen is really on to something. Maybe we dont have to blow it all up if, you know, the guys step up and play better." And Danny responding, "Hmmmm, I think you've got something there, I really do. Let me think on it a bit..."
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If I'm Danny I bring in Doc, Pierce and KG and explain things to them like this:

"This team has been under performing all year and with Rondo going down I just don't have the confidence this team can make a run at a title without Rondo. I also, don't believe I can make a deal to bring in a quality PG to replace Rondo for this season that would bring enough to the team without having to sacrifice major components of our future core.

"I also believe that the locker room chemistry if lacking for us to make a substantial run, even if Rondo weren't hurt. There are those in the locker room that just are not taking this regular season serious enough. Doc is this what you think?"

---Let's Doc answer question.---

"Okay so here is what I want to do. Do you guys want to still be here next year when I believe our rebuilding will begin in earnest. Doc, chances are next year is year one of our rebuilding and teaching phase. Paul, Kevin, you will both have reduced roles over what you have this year, next year. Do you want to still be here for this?"

---Let's them answer.---

If their answers are no then:

"Well then KG you have a no trade clause, who would you waive that clause for in a trade. I am sure you would want a shot at a title so give me a few teams to contact where I might be able to send you. Paul, you don't have a no trade clause but you have been the face of this franchise for 15 years and out of respect for that I will do the same for you. Give me the names of some teams where you might want to go. Know I probably won't be able to send you to the same team.

"Doc, start playing Sullinger, Green, Bradley, Melo, Lee huge minutes giving them some exposure to what they can expect. You don't have to start them, just give them much larger roles. I want to see how they perform."

Then trade KG and Pierce to teams of their choices for expiring contracts and/or young potential players and/or draft picks. If Doc is going to stay, trade anyone he doesn't want there because they aren't the type of player to build around(mentally or competitively speaking). Then start the rebuild knowing that you will have Sullinger, Rondo, Bradley, and Melo for sure and possibly Green, Bass and Lee as well(though my guess is Bass will be gone and so might Green).
I agree, but to me this conversation would be premature now. We need to see how this team responds post injury. In all likelihood the response won't be positive but Danny has to let things play out before making a move.
I'm not so sure Evantime. You are probably right that it is a bit too early for this but the trade deadline is three weeks away.

Being fair to Danny, he can't have this conversation very close to the trade deadline because he won't have time to shop the players he will be trading enough to get maximum value. I really think this conversation has to happen within the next 7 to 10 days minimum if not as soon as possible.
I think he starts to shop the players now, lining up trades. Then if the season goes south he has the conversation with Doc, KG and Pierce, and then makes the moves he already set up.
Probably the prudent way to go though once Danny starts shopping Pierce and KG first without consulting them, it could cause that meeting to go a lot worse than it has to if you have it before setting up the trades and shopping them.