Author Topic: SI's Ian Thomsen: "probably wont see a worthwhile deal for Pierce." Tank.  (Read 7291 times)

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Re: SI's Ian Thomsen: "probably wont see a worthwhile deal for Pierce." Tank.
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Being a winner in the NBA is about more than talent, it is also about attitude. The Celtics need to keep Pierce and KG here and playing, to help instill winning attitudes, to build winner habits, in the players they leave behind. I know it sounds trite, but it is true! A big reason the Celtics were different in the 60's, 70's and 80's is that there were *always* players on those teams that carried the culture and the attitudes forward from "era" to era. The C's added Havlicek to a great Russell teams, Havlicek and Heinson were still there when Cowens, Silas and White came along, Maxwell came in, then Bird and McHale came in...they kept overlapping *Celtics* always with former stars, champions, winners ready to bring the new guys along. Yes, there were dips, rebuilding years, between "eras", but the chain of stars linked across the eras and bound the "dynasty" together.

That chain was broken with the deaths of Bias and then Lewis. The Celtics spent 20 years bouncing around as a not good enough, not bad enough team.

Danny was lucky and he was good! He turned water into wine and got 2 near superstars in Allen and KG to go along with Pierce, another new superstar, for...really...nothing much. He got the train rolling again, folks! Don't uncouple the cars now! The future of the C's success depends upon keeping that winning attitude and that depends upon keeping, at least, one of Pierce and KG here through the rebuild.

EVERYBODY give this guy a Tommy Point!

Winning is a culture.  Playing hard and representing Celtic Pride is a culture.  We have to keep that going.

Bradley and Rondo are both pretty hard-nosed players who have that edge; we need to keep as much of it around as possible and hope it's catchy. 

And that Jeff Green gets the most intense case ever.

Re: SI's Ian Thomsen: "probably wont see a worthwhile deal for Pierce." Tank.
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This team has already won too much to start tanking now. 

Their odds in the lottery would be pretty bad.

agreed. at this point in time i have given up on us getting a nice winning record and a top 4 spot in the playoffs. Now, let's examine what is achievable realistically.

Let's have some pride. IMO no team should be allowed to make the playoffs with a losing record. So if we finish just 1 game above .500 that gives us a winning record. At this point in time if all we can get is the 8th seed, I will take it. not happy but i will take it as long as we are over .500. see what happens in the playoffs then see where to go. I still think we need a trade/or sign for a big this year though and maybe a back up PG.

i was bothered on brooklyn nets 5 big man rotation
if we can find a trade for a big for bass who can play 15 to 20 minutes and give KG a rest,

im all for it