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First time in years I have actually fully enjoyed listening to Weei... They are talking about the C's all day and not the Red Sox in January all day or the upset Patriots!

We should all enjoy it while it lasts!

I am in heaven, it sucks it has taking Rondo's torn ACL but it'snice to hear it all .
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Both WEEI and 98.5 are talking a lot about the Celtics.  Of course, it's all negatively slanted.  And Felger and Mazz are convinced the team is better off without Rondo.

There are also plenty of townie-sounding callers who call in just to complain about how the show is "bleeding green" --- "Let's tahhk about hawwwkeeyy!!!"

I get the sense that the radio is largely a lower class pleasure around here and NBA basketball is a middle class one.  Probably lost a lot of the local folks in the time between Bird and Pierce / Walker.  Plus it's harder to get hard-boiled Bostonians to buy into a team built around a 'spoiled' kid from Englewood or a 'bratty' kid from Kentucky.
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