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Goals for the season
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If ainge decides against a complete blow up I want to see the follwoing happen.

1. NO trades involving, Sullinger, Avery, Fab, or any future picks

2. More constistent playing time and plays for Jeff Green

3. Doc look to create offense using Sully and Avery.

4. Keep hold of the 8th seed

****** long shot

5. Danny needs to find a way to get into the top 5  of this draft. It is precieved as weak and may open the door for drafting a vet and a teens pick to a team looking to get out of the top of the draft. While not super starts I think Noel, Len, Porter, Muhammad, McLemore, and Carter-Williams all have allstar potential. Noel would be a great fit with Sully. Muhammed or McLemore could help fill the scoring void in the Post pierce years. Porter is at least going to be Jeff Green but could be better. 

Re: Goals for the season
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TP and Congrats! You've just earned your badge!

Jameer an elite PG?Please, ask that to his garbage highlights.