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Re: Rudy Gay traded to raptors
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Shows the danger in giving max contracts to guys who don't deserve it.  Would bet the Grizz would have liked to have kept Gay, given that they have a strong team, and a shot at going far...generally, Danny has done well in this regard.   

And no more Pierce for Gay rumors  :)

What was Memphis supposed to do? They let him become restricted and as a result the Nets were willing to give him one if Memphis didn't.

No different then Indiana and Portland this past season with Roy Hibbert.

There wasn't a great deal they could of done once he was signed.  But I remember when they gave him the deal, it turned a lot of heads.  They painted themselves into a corner IMO....let the Nets sign him, and try to win with their money tied up in Gay, DWIll, and Johnson (No Howard if that would happen)....that's not a team that goes to the ECF in my opinion.
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