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The Post-Injury, Re-build Trade Thread
« on: January 28, 2013, 06:58:59 PM »

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Zach Lowe had a decent article today that was on the topic of trading pierce/kg, which of course is on a lot of our minds.

What I was thinking about is basically the following considerations:

-Teams that would want KG/PP are teams projected for the playoffs or fighting for the playoffs looking for instant gratification.

-Teams need to give the C's something the C's want.

-Remember KG has the no-trade, so it would have to be dependent on him wanting to experience the playoffs/location dependent.

So, who are the teams that could want KG or PP?
New York

San Antonio
Golden State

There's the list that could want PP or KG.

Deal begins or ends with Lopez. Over 25 PER, rebounding semi-ok, scoring well. True big guy.  Doubt they give him up for KG.

Not going to happen.

New York:
They'd offer Amare in a heart beat. Terrible.

We don't want Boozer, they wouldn't deal Deng, and likely not Noah, so any deal would be based around Gibson and his excellent defense and picks. However, Gibson is a PPP contract, so very hard to trade. Nothing here.

Tricky, because I doubt they trade Hibbert (and his contract is scary for C's), they don't trade Paul George for Pierce (maybe not for KG either), I doubt KG would accept to Indiana unless he really wants to be in the playoffs, and we don't want Granger for PP.

Trade: If KG wanted, I could possibly see Paul George, Gerald Green, Mahinmi for KG as the basis of some trade.

Lowe covers this. Not sure the C's want Smith and his max demands. Doubt Atlanta deals Horford. Not a good match. I'd do KG or PP for Horford any day of the week at this point.

Intriguing. They would LOVE KG, but as with Indiana, it depends on his desire for playoff ball. I think they'd like Pierce too. Either way, the deal hinges on getting Hensen or Sanders coming back this way, with balancing contracts like Gooden/Udrih

Trade: Udrih, Gooden, Henson for Pierce

Not much here. Do we want to give the max next year to Bynum? We know the deal: healthy, he's a top 10 player, but that's rare. Holiday is better than anyone on the C's, so not getting him. I don't think we really want anyone else, though I'm sure TUrner has fans as he's following the Jeff Green playbook so far.

Stuckey has plateaued (thank goodness the Rondo for Hamilton and Stuckey never happened), and Drummond and Monroe are not gettable by any C's player.

Amazingly, if the C's drop, Bynum stays hurt, and toronto gets a vet, they can make a playoff push. Not a lot there though. Lowry is redundant with Rondo. Bargnani? I don't like him. KG would not want to go there for just the possibility of a low playoff seed (likely similar to Boston's chances right now). How bad do they want Pierce? Valanciunas bad?

Trade: Pierce+Barbosa for Valanciunas, Gray, Kleiza, Fields


San Antonio:
Nothing, unless they're dealing Leonard, which i doubt

Some intrigue here. If they want Pierce, then Martin could be the bulk of the contract coming back with Perry jones, Lamb, and a pick.  For KG, similar, but with Perk's contract.

Trade: KG for Perk, Lamb, Jones, Toronto 1st.

As discussed elsewhere, their best asset is a PG and has question marks, and their potentially available Center (Jordan) is not exactly cornerstone material.

Don't want Gay on his contract, they wouldn't give up Gasol, Randolph doesn't make sense for a rebuild, though if Rondo comes back healthy, a Rondo/Bradley/Green/KG/Randolph team next year is probably better than a Rondo/Bradley/Pierce/KG/Crud team.

Golden State:
Would they deal Barnes or Thompson for Pierce?

Trade: Pierce for Biedrins, Barnes/THompson, Rush, Pick.

Pierce for Iggy doesn't make much sense.

Trade: KG for McGee+Faried

I don't think it will happen, but if Utah wants to go for it and add a vet scoring SF to their core by giving up Kanter or Favors, the C's would have to jump at that.

Trade: Pierce for Favors/Kanter, Marvin WIlliams, BUrks

I think houston is too long-term focused to trade for KG or Pierce.

They like Batum a lot, probably more than pierce, and don't otherwise have the contracts to go after either guy. Maybe they could be persuaded to do matthews/leonard/babbit/?pick for KG.

Nothing here. Not even just based on principle, just no good parts. Unless they do KG/filler for HOward with an extension in place after a good physical/MRI.

Don't really see the parts, unless it's Kaman, filler (beaubois), and 2 firsts for KG.

Re: The Post-Injury, Re-build Trade Thread
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Great post..TP to u..i like the Utah deal
C/PF-Horford, Baynes, Noel, Theis, Morris,
SF/SG- Tatum, Brown, Hayward, Smart, Semi, Clark
PG- Irving, Rozier, Larkin

Re: The Post-Injury, Re-build Trade Thread
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I like your post a lot. In particular, I think you are right to rule the big contenders that you have (chicago, brooklyn, atlanta, san antonio, lac, lal), and you are right to hone in on Milwaukee and Golden State as two extremely interesting trade partners.

I'd be interested to hear more about why you rule out Houston, though. In my view, Houston is a contender this year and could be one of the best defensive teams in the NBA this year and next with Asik and Garnett. Garnett would surely waive his no-trade to play for Kevin McHale, and Houston has a cupboard full of interesting young players they could send our way.

Re: The Post-Injury, Re-build Trade Thread
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Houston was tough, because I basically get the feeling that their GM is only swinging for fences, looking for guys on their way up and keeping room open for a mega superstar, basically saying "come join Asik, Hardin, Lin and a bunch of young guys in HOuston, a popular place to live, for max money." I get teh sense that they do not want to trade any of their guys for a guy who is clearly over the hill and no longer a centerpiece. If they had one more star, then I think they'd do it, but I think that Morey knows they are 2 humps away, not just 1 to get over, and they want flexibility next year before adding "get over the hump" pieces like older KGs.