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Re: Rondo is being put too high on a pedestal
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Regular season Rondo is overrated.
Playoff Rondo is legit.

I was one of those fools who thought Rondo would take a step forward and make playoff Rondo something we'd see almost every night in the regular season... not only when we play the Knicks and Heat.  I was wrong.

I'd be okay with Rondo being traded.  As he is now, he'd be great as a #2 option behind someone who can carry a team night in and night out and get them to the post season.   Right now neither Pierce nor KG are those players anymore and will only be worse next season and Rondo being great in the playoffs doesn't mean anything if we can't get there.

It's that or hope one of Bradley or Green turn into a star player or swing a deal for a star player.  That being said, a group of Rondo-Bradley-Green-Sullinger and then Lee is a very good young nucleus that plays well together.  I'd be fine with staying the course and see how those guys turn out.

They key is we need to get a legit center who can have 10 to 15 rebound nights consistently and play solid defense.  Would have loved to sign Asik this past offseason if not for his ridiculous asking price.

Re: Rondo is being put too high on a pedestal
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Here, if you try to look at Rondo's game in any context that falls short of outright hero worship, you get branded a hater.

  Here, if you use statistics to refute some of the hyperbolic criticisms of Rondo you're guilty of outright hero worship. Goes with the territory, but the people who can't differentiate between "Rondo isn't turnover prone" and "Rondo is perfect" shouldn't be complaining about being mischaracterized.