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Re: Is a fact: this team play better without Rondo
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face it...Rondo... for all,his,assets may not be the right guy for this team, with its,present make up of players.

Easier to trade Rondo, than to trade off half the team that does play team ball,and share .

Heal him up and trade him for a Nice big  who can play the 5
rondo, according to ESPN, is the 12th best player in the league. Why would you trade the 12th best player in the game, whom is on a long-term bargain of a contract? You build around this player to maximize their abilities. He is an x-factor player, a player whom can score a triple double on demand and is scared of noone.

You lost me at according to ESPN.

Don't build your franchise around a PG. Unless his name is Magic, he isn't leading you to a title. Payton, Kidd, Nash, etc. could never do it. Big men and unbelievable scorers are who you build around. Rondo is 6 feet tall and barely shoots 60% from the free throw line. He is neither.

He is a fun and exciting player and one of the best at his position. He is not a franchise player, he is not the most important player on this team, and he is proving to not be as good a fit for this roster as we wanted to believe. Even if he is the 12th best player per ESPN, maybe the 28th best player would make our team better than Rondo can. It's all about chemistry and fit.

And I am sure most GM's would not give equal value because they know the C's offense caters to him and inflates his numbers. No way he averages 11+ APG on any other team (contender or otherwise) or shoots such a good percentage if defenses actually focus on him for once.

If the days of Rondo dominating the ball are over and he will never average 11 APG again, what is so special about a 12/7/4 PG who gambles on defense and can't shoot?
I love the EFF stat.  If we're looking purely at statistics, Rondo was putting up the 17th best stats in the league.   He was having his best season ever... but we're starting to realize that his stats are slightly inflated due to the team's constricted style of play.  It's pretty evident that we're most successful sharing the ball and letting our many scorers create.  The days of Rondo controlling the ball constantly are probably over.  Steve Nash was able to do it, because Steve Nash was arguably the best shooter in the league.  Rondo will need to adapt... and with that means a drop in his stats.  He's still an allstar player, but this team is stacked with guards that play best when they get a chance to create for themselves.  If they want to trade all of them for pure shooters like JJ Reddick, Rondo might be able to continue racking up the assists.

  Another day, another prediction of Rondo's demise. Hopefully this will be as accurate as the posts about how Rondo's dependent on Ray's shooting to get his assists.