Author Topic: After Rondo injury Celtics in very favorable position,  (Read 5187 times)

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Re: After Rondo injury Celtics in very favorable position,
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Thanks LooseCannon - your comments are well stated and I did obviously title it wrong.

My point was I just don't see a sky is falling scenario and I would much rather just focus on what possible positives can come out of this than focus on the negatives.

It is terrible that Rondo is injured and it would be better if were here.

But it happened.

How can we turn lemons into lemonade - what are the positives - that's call I care about.

I think the franchise and the team are still very well positioned, with or without Rondo, do create some positive outcomes regardless of which path they choose - let this team play it out or make some trades with Pierce and KG.

When Rondo got injured it was a blow -but his injury isn't going to crush the entire franchise.

Again, we are under .500 and are 11-16 over the last 27 games. It's not like we're dominating the league with Rondo in the line up up until now.

I'm very curious how the Bradley / Lee defensive back court impacts the team's overall defense.

Also interested to see if Sully, Green, Terry and Barbosa can pick up the scoring pace.