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D-League Callups
« on: January 28, 2013, 02:22:00 AM »

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The Celtics now have only 12 players on the roster who are capable of playing.  One of them appears to be spending the season in the D-league.  So that leaves 11.

At least until some trades are made, it would seem to make sense to call up a point guard and a center to fill out the last two roster spots (on 10 day contracts).

Here are some possible names:

Center -

Henry Sims
Jerome Jordan
Fab Melo (if team decides he would benefit from playing real NBA minutes)
Brian Butch
Tim Ohlbrecht

Point Guard -

Shelvin Mack (once he's done playing for the Sixers)
Scott Machado
Courtney Fortson
Ben Uzoh

Calling up some of these guys makes more sense than signing some vets that aren't playing, or that get waived by their team.  Nobody is coming here to chase a ring anymore, and we should be looking for guys who can possibly be worth a look in summer league and into next season.  In that sense it's too bad Dionte Christmas is playing overseas.
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Re: D-League Callups
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I was also thinking of adding young Scott Machado to our lineup. He is Rondoesque in the sense that he is a pass first point guard. He was also highly favored to be drafted in the 1st round. Talent wise he is similar to Damian Lillard.

BIGS - Why not give Fab Melo a chance?
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Re: D-League Callups
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Talent wise he is similar to Damian Lillard.

BIGS - Why not give Fab Melo a chance?

Thats saying alot considering how well lillard has played this year.

Id like Fab to stay in the D league and develop getting 25+ mins a night developing his skills


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