Author Topic: Trade Garnett, Lee to OKC for Lamb, Martin, picks  (Read 1588 times)

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Re: Trade Garnett, Lee to OKC for Lamb, Martin, picks
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Garnett gets a very, very good chance at a championship.
OKC becomes THE favorite to win it all.
We get Jeremy Lamb, expiring salary, and a lottery pick (top-3 protected).

Garnett + Courtney Lee to OKC
Jeremy Lamb + Kevin Martin + Toronto's 1st rounder to BOS

OKC could potentially add Dallas' 1st rounder (top-20 protection) or their own.

I would actually like to see OKC win it all with Garnett. And I don't see how else we get his salary totally off the books AND gain good young pieces.

No, I do not want to trade the heart and soul of the team for a rookie, a bench player and picks.


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