If you could get one of these guys for PP,who would you want

Rudy Gay
3 (37.5%)
Josh Smith
4 (50%)
Big AL
0 (0%)
1 (12.5%)

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Author Topic: Which player would you rather get back in a PP or KG trade(POLL)  (Read 378 times)

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If the rumors about Memphis going after PP is true, Gay could be not only an option for the c's, but sending Gay to a third team and getting back a big man who will be hitting the free agent market next year,which IMO make it more likely that these guys could be moved.

1)I have mentioned it in other thread, but to me Green comes clos to gay's production for half the price. Really not interested in Gay unless Green is also getting shipped out for a decent big man too.

2)I am mixed on Josh Smith. He is definitely not worth a max deal, but then again the c's will have a huge need for defensive anchor once KG is gone, and Smith could fill that role.

3)Big Al is a very good low post offensive player as we all know. I doubt he gets another 14 mil a year contract from utah, or anyone else. Gay would fill a need at sf for them and finally be able to move Favors or Kanter into the starting lineup. If big Al could be signed for 10-12 mil per year I wouldn't mind that.

4)Millsap would also be an option, especially since he will probably command somewhere in the 10 mil a year range, likely less than Smith or Big Al will be looking for.Maybe you get an expiring contract along with Millsap to make the money work.

These trades would involve gay going to a 3rd team like I said.

Who would you want? would you want any of them?

I probably go with Millsap , when you take pay,all around game and fit with Rondo into account