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Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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Take a look at my name on here and take a guess.

Bulls-Celtics or Suns-Celtics?

I wish I was young enough to say Bulls-Celtics, but the game I was referring to was watched on a black and white television.

So, not Suns-Celtics, game 5 in 1976 which went into TripleOT? :P
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Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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I remember watching them in the early 90's when I was just a kid and my dad and I were watching them play and at the time (and still is) my favorite color was Green. From then until about 2000 I didn't watch too much basketball, then I heard about Paul Pierce. Been a hardcore ever since.

Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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1998. I was a huge Michael Jordan fan. Followed the NBA quite religiously, and that's coming from a 11 year old kid at that time in the Philippines. Got to see the games in the mornings or at times delayed telecasts. Jordan retired.
Fast forward to 2000, 13 years old, I stopped watching basketball, but kept playing for city leagues and played for my school. Decided to watch a game came across Celtics vs Timberwolves match. Fell in love with the game again. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett caught my eye. From what I remember they both had a pretty good game that night.

From then on I followed the Celtics because of Paul, and the Wolves because of KG, I even have their stickers on my notepads and pencil case for school. I drew Lucky and the Wolves logo on the back of all my notes.

2006, I left the Philippines and moved to Canada, didn't really know anyone, just turned 18, my only comfort was my guitar and watching the Celtics and the Wolves. Went to all the Raptors games when the Celtics or the T'wolves were in town. A year later, KG got traded to the Celtics, you wouldn't believe how excited I got.

I've since then abandoned the T'wolves and followed the Celtics religiously. I'm 24 now living on my own, not the depressed little musician kid anymore. Still loving the C's through and through. I feel like I grew up with the team. With Paul Pierce hitting that game winner against Harrington, Big Al Jefferson battling in the paint, Rondos rookie year, chasing other point guards, Chunky Perk, Delonte's tattoos piling up. Then the big trade for the big 3 happened. Championship. Coming up short a couple years after. And I'm still here. Still a fan. Overall a wonderful ride, and a ride I'm gonna be riding til the day I die.

That's my story.
Whats yours?

Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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I became a casual Celtics fan in the 07/08 season. The reason why I became one or even wanted to support this team was because I wanted KG to finally win a championship (I will forever remember his face during the 04 WCF at the end) and because I was supporting a fellow Inglewoodian in Paul to win a championship.My family and some of my friends were calling me traitor during that time too because they were playing the Lakers and I was rooting really hard for the Celtics to win

I officially became full blown Celtics fan during the 2010 playoffs and never looked back.
I wasn't looking that much into the playoffs that season until a family friend was talking about Rondo and his game 4 against the Cavs. Rondo caught my attention then and I remember seeing Game 5 and 6 and hearing how shocked the NBA analysts were that the Celtics took down the Cavs. I liked that they were the underdogs and were doubted throughout the playoffs yet proved everyone wrong so I stuck with them.
After that series, I watched every single game and grew an attachment to the rest of the players, Doc and the overall history.

Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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I'm ride or die with KG!

I was (am) a huge KG fan when he was in Minnesota, with him and Stephon Marbury. Huge fan, I mean as a kid I had a Minnesota Timberwolves bed spread in the middle of Indiana, during the hey day of the Indiana Pacers with Reggie Miller and Jalen Rose/Jermaine Oneal era.

When KG got traded to Boston, I changed my allegiance from the Timberwolves to the Celtics.

And also, bc of the fact that I loved the KG/Starbury duo in  Minny. I was admittedly giddy back in 09' when the C's signed Stephon...even though I knew KG wouldn't play again, I watched every game hoping he would suit up, and I'd get to see a Stephon/KG pick and roll alley-oop!

Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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  • I'm a Paul Heyman guy.
I was born and raised in the Philippines. Basketball is big.

This is mid to late 90's. Everyone was adoring MJ, Grant Hill, Penny, those names, I fell in live wuth Antoine Walker's game. The sight if a big man with handles, post moves and perimeter shooting kind of got in to me. I imitated his his game and his shimmy during rec league games.

Then Pierce came in and then I was in. But it was Toine who really brought me in here.if
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Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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Larry bird was the number one reason. And growing up in Charlotte in the late 70's and 80's we didn't have a team at that time so I picked the best team on the east coast. Who else could I like? The Hawks!?
I also loved the tradition and the "keep it in the family" ways of Red Auerbach. I loved the original Garden and the Parquet floor. One of my biggest regrets is never going to a game back then to see them. I loved the history and all the winning helped too.
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Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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I was born a Celtics fan ... my Dad is one, my Mom is one, (the biggest fan in the family - she is hardcore), my Grandfather was one, so it was always a part of my family and my childhood.
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Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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My Dad was a C's fan. Like most kids I followed his lead in the early 90's.

Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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My story begins with watching Saturday NBA Action at 3 pm during the 80's which was hosted by Quinito Henson here in the Philippines. Watched the bird-Magic rivalry and was hooked by the hardhat plays by the Celtics. I was not into the flashy plays by the lakers.

Now my son is growing up before my eyes wearing all Celtics. Playing like Larry Bird or KG. He's turning into a green monster just like me.
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Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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Maybe not the same route as alot of people, but I grew up an Atlantic Division fan.

From NYC. Watching Sprewell and Allan Houston on the Knicks, Iverson on the Sixers, Vince Carter on the Raptors, Kidd on the Nets, Pierce, Antione Walker, and Walter Mac on the Celtics. Good times

When I first starting have preference for the Celtics was when Pierce scored 50 on Lebron in 2006. Been a Pierce and Celtics fan ever since. And when Ray and KG came and won a title, boy that was the best High School graduation gift ever
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Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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Grew up in Los Angeles. I love the Celtics because of the color green! I am a diehard green-color guy. Oh and Paul Pierce too, one of the most underrated clutch players and decent iso plays at the end. He's a great role model to look up to!

And yes I get the hate from Laker fans here and there. But hey, Paul Pierce is a Californian right? Nothing wrong with liking a Californian right?  ;D

Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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Believe it or not, the first basketball game I ever saw on tv was the Indiana state / Michigan state game. I was 7. Magic against Bird. As we all know, that game was amazing and told my dad that I was going to be an Indiana state fan because of Bird and dad told me that Bird was going pro to some team called the Boston Celtics. So, here I am 30+ years later

Re: How did you become a Celtic fan?
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i like the color green too so there may be some subconscious as well, lol.  But i became a fan in 2008 after watching them in game 6 dismantle the Lakers.  Never grew up a big NBA fan, in fact I didnt like the Celtics very much becasue i thought Larry bird never missed a shot, and it became boreing,lol. But always despised LA and especially Kobe.  I loved the old school feel and the fact that Boston was back on top.  Just watching how they all worked together to achieve the goal then KG's anything is possible at the end about brought me to tears as we are the champions played in the background.  Just felt something in that moment and said, I like that team.  Didnt follow them much in 2009, then they made that run in 2010, and I thought man this team is really something else.  From the 2010 finals on I've been following the celtics like a diehard lol.  I'm on here, got my C's gear.  Never was like that with any other NBA team, and today, I'm proud to say I'm a Celtic:)