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The "let's keep it together" trade (Bos/Den)
« on: January 27, 2013, 06:14:16 PM »

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Boston gets: Andre Miller, Timofey Mosgof, 2nd round pick

Denver gets: Bass, Collins

Boston gets a veteran point guard to plug into the line up and it's serviceable bench big. Sully is already starting.

Denver gets a solid back up PF who can start when asked. They also add a center just in case, obviously somewhat a throw in. Lawson is obviously the man there so Miller is to be had imo
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Re: The "let's keep it together" trade (Bos/Den)
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i think it's doable.

Re: The "let's keep it together" trade (Bos/Den)
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That would be too good to be true for the C's, therefore it would never happen.

Re: The "let's keep it together" trade (Bos/Den)
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I read that they love Miller over in Denver. 

Anyway the important thing is that our reason for ditching Bass is that he's playing horribly for us all season.  Dever will not give up one of the best playmakers in the NBA and a talented young big man AND a pick in return for Bass.

Don't bother mentioning Collins as a sweetener, because he certainly is not.

Also Miller may not suit us right now.  Like Rondo he's a pass first PG with no outside shot, but unlike Rondo he doesn't have the athleticism to attack in other ways.

I think we're better off taking a whole other approch and putting a bunch of shooters on the floor (Orlando Magic style) then try to bring in a low post scorer who can get easy baskets inside while the shooters stretch the floor.

I don't think trying to replace Rondo with another similar player is going to work, because you won't find a pure PG anywhere near Rondo's level for what we have availble.

Need to take an entirely different approach.