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Post Rondo injury - Celtics in very favorable position
« on: January 27, 2013, 03:33:36 PM »

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Even with a healthy Rondo, this team winning a ring this year was a stretch.

Our options are now "wide open" and we have legitimate arguments for possibly blowing this up and maximizing returns to quickly rebuild.

As the General Manager:

Option #1

Get on with the youth movement, whether you keep KG and Pierce and trade them - either way, get on with the rebuild and the youth movement, period.

1. If you think Melo has "any chance" at being an NBA center at any level (starter, back up, 3rd string, whatever) bring him up and start feeding him some minutes NOW. OR, trade him - nothing else. Only those two options.

Why do this? Why not? Are we worried he will mess up a team that has gone 11-16 since December 1st and is now without Rondo?

2. Approach KG and Pierce, ask them if they want to ride this out with Rondo down or if they'd like you to seek trades for them to legit contenders elsewhere.

Try to pick up two nice young players for moving forward on those trades - guys like Rudy Gay, Josh Smith, Eric Bledsoe, as well as additional solid young role players and/or draft picks.

3. Probably go to the lottery this year, maybe get lucky, for once, and get a real blue chipper in the draft.

Option #2 -

Keep KG and Pierce, but still speed up the youth movement as well.

In this case, Green, Melo, Sully, Bradley, Lee, etc - all their minutes should go up dramatically.

If this is chosen, as a fan I would "not" count out this Celtics team this year - that starts the following:


* This lineup is no longer point guard dominant - but those are five very mentally and physically tough guys. And don't forget, this team went 6-2 last year with Bradley at the point. He's not a drive and dish guy but he's tough defensively and he can certainly initiate, if not "run" the offense.

The bench is also fairly decent -

Melo / Wilcox / Collins...

Option #3 -

Keep KG and Pierce, but look to make one fairly large trade, such as Josh Smith from the Hawks. Or a slightly smaller on such as trying to get a point like Eric Bledsoe from the Clippers.

Whatever the path, we are still in a great position to:

1. Accelerate the rebuilding
2. Make another run as is
3. Make a Josh Smith type of move and make another run after that.

Meanwhile, Rondo's on the mend and in the wings.

Don't get down - get excited.

The rebuilding is coming one way or another - and fortunately we have a lot of options on how we choose to do that and if we stand pat we will still see engaging, fun Celtics basketball.   

Re: Post Rondo injury - Celtics in very favorable position
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You trade the vets and try to get guys on shorter contracts for your longer contracts if you want to rebuild.

This trade with golden state might work.

Pierce and the return of bogut really legitimizes the warriors.

We get prospects and shorter term deals then Bass.

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Re: Post Rondo injury - Celtics in very favorable position
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This hurts no doubt - if we lost Rondo with a trade I would say that (depending on who we get back) we might get better, but losing him to a season ending injury really hurts.

Hopefully this means more minutes for both Terry and Lee, and hopefully that means they both get more comfortable and Terry starts to play like his old self.

This also might be the emotional boost our guys needs.  So far they have been in cruise control, but the loss of one of your three best players could suddenly force the reality on these guys - that they now need to work their butts off to win games.

Re: Post Rondo injury - Celtics in very favorable position
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I'd rather use this time as a way to challenge Rondo's value. See what they can do without him... if he really is that valuable then release PP at season's end and use extra money for someone else. If they flourish without him then move Rondo for an All-Star/future AS.

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