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Re: Another Doc Rivers Special
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is it docs fault that pierce has had 43 of his shots blocked this season?

  That's not as large a number as you seem to think it is.

I think he was trying to emphasize the aging factor effecting Paul's game.
It's indeed affecting, however, I won't say it's something detectable in the stat sheet that easily. It's more of his intangibles that are not working anymore or so it seems.

Anyway, I'm a Doc fan. He has always kept his calm even during chaotic situations. He can't make the plays by going out himself. The players tend to be disobedient with his schemes, I'd say. It's easier to blame the coach, though.

Re: Another Doc Rivers Special
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My biggest problem with Doc is small ball. He has tried to force it to work for years.

Now he's trying to force Green at the pf spot again. :'(

I know this roster has limited bigs, but this has been going on for years. He does not learn. When Danny signs bigs, they just sit the bench.

IMO, the guy has to go!!!
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