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Author Topic: Boston Celtics / Denver Nuggets Trade Scenario  (Read 8792 times)

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Re: Trading For Timofey Mozgov
« Reply #90 on: January 31, 2013, 03:06:33 AM »

Offline krook

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Who do we have to give up?

Anything outside of Paul, KG, Rondo and Bradley.

Denver needs shooters, so they could use Barbosa. We can offer Leandro and some additions to probably land MOsgov.

He'll help tremendously.

Bass is a shooter.

Bass is not a shooter. 

He can't hit a shot outside of 15 feet to save his life, and he's pretty much useless inside 12 feet as well.   

The only area where he shoots effective in between 12 - 15 feet, and even there he's shooting a mediocre 44% this season last I checked.

but denver nuggets could really used him

Bass is what they want for Mozgov whether they like it or not

haha yes, they really need a back-up PF

rofl sounds like Bass is on the move and Denver is giddy over it!

the nuggets really stated that they want a back-up PF for farried for a rotation, they can used bass for sure. even for that contract, they have randolph but most of the time a bench player, i think letting go for bass wont hurt us. and he doesn't have any reason to complain, sully is better than him, + we can resign mozgov next year and randolph, so its up to danny who will be cut MELO COLLINS WILCOX MOZGOV RANDOLPH

not a better idea though

Re: Timofey Mozgov As Celtics Starting Center
« Reply #91 on: January 31, 2013, 03:07:51 AM »

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As other have said it really depends on who we have to give up. If Denver decides they just want another rotation big like Bass I am in. A deal like this would something I would do

Been saying to do this deal for weeks, maybe months now!

Denv. barely plays either of these guys, and we could use some  young healthy size, basically two 7 footers, and we would get out from underneath Bass's contract.

I think you can look at both Mozgov and Randolph as building blocks for this next era of Celtics, but at the same time they can help in the immediate moment  this season. And if we don't like what we see from Mozgov, he's contract is up at the end of the year, so we can let him walk.

And Finally, with Rondo out, how useful is Bass on the court honestly? He really isn't useful on the defensive end, and offensively, if he's not pick-popping with rondo, what else does he do? Moving forward I dont really expect a lot of pick n roll or pick n pop offense, there will probably be a lot of dribble hand-offs, so, where does that leave Bass? He's not going to post up and get the ball for low post offense.

I honestly think he's a better fit for Denver at this point and moving forward, he can do pick n pop with ty lawson and A. miller, and Denv. can do stagger picks, with Javale rolling hard and Bass popping, and Lawson with the ball looking at all of those options.

I personally believe, Randolph still has a lot of potential in his game, he's still only 23-24 and can be a good piece moving forward with Rondo, Bradley, Sully, Green, and others.

Either way, Bass has got to go. And Boston still needs to find a big guy, and not waste time trying to find a "rondo-replacement"

i'll make an article for this