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Re: What's up Marv Alberts Butt?
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I did not see the game tonight, but as a season ticket holder, this year, for the first time, I have felt that at times they are pumping up the volume. However, the only time I have noticed it is during player introductions. I look around and see many people either just sitting there or standing and not yelling or clapping, yet it sounds so loud that the roof could fall in. However, if the Celts say on Twitter they have never done it, I believe them. I actually mentioned it to my son during the Bulls game last week. The stands were pretty empty because it was a 7 p.m. game, yet the sound was deafening for the player intros. I really don't care if they do or don't do it, but if they deny it, I believe what the Celts say.

I got the impression that Albert was suggesting that fake/canned cheering/booing was being pumped through the system. At one point they discussed it as being like a sitcom that plays canned laughter after jokes.  This is different than turning up the volume on the microphones to pick up 'real' crowd noise.  Not saying I like or believe either, but there is an important distinction.

One good thing about this is that there is an answer available -- it either is or isn't happening and someone knows. The Celtics tweet doesn't convince me.  I hope Danny, Wyc or whoever is interviewed on radio this week is asked. I really don't care all that much (would be a little disillusioned if it's canned cheering), but if it isn't happening hopefully Marv will catch some grief for his comments.