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Get DW12 nad send to Lakers Green, Wilcox and Terry

Re: Boston/Phoenix/LA
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I don't know why people think Gasol is valued so high.

He has a ridiculous contract for 2 years, he's on the wrong side of 30, he has been injured a bunch, hasn't played well, seems to have a fragile mental capacity and the Lakers are doing terrible at the moment and have a ton of money tied up.

Either they keep Gasol or they get pennies on the dollar.

This is exactly what I was thinking.  Gasol has missed games this year with bad knees (big warning sign there) has played pretty poorly this season and is now coming off the bench with an absurd 19mil contract.  How exactly are people thinking LA is going to turn that into an All Star? 

Bass fits the system they are running much better than Gasol.  I'd think LA would jump at this trade. They really just have next year of Bass and Terry being liabilities and then their contracts turn into expiring contracts which might coincide with the end of the Kobe era and start of the Dwight era.

And to answer some people about why we just don't get Gasol, I've looked at the salaries and he is pretty much impossible to get just contractually unless you completely gut the team and go with a bench of D-Leaguers or trade Pierce or Rondo to get him.  Not nearly worth it.