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Scal talks about concussions
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This is a great look at how damaging concussions can be, and the extent to which athletes can try to hide them from medical staffs.

I don't think any of us knew Scal was so seriously affected at the time.  We can disagree on the wisdom of hiding symptoms of a brain injury, but there's no doubt that Scal is a trooper who did what he could to help his team win.

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Re: Scal talks about concussions
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Pretty interesting. The other thing Scal doesn't mention is that when guys are coming back from concussions, there is a competitive resistance built in to fight acknowledging those symptoms. You can't ice it, can't heat it, can't massage it, can't really rest it. Its kind of like being sick, but there is no temperature you're running. So you try and pretend that its not there, the first time at least.

At least that's been what I've seen from friends who got concussed playing football or rugby.

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