Doing the trades listed below, how would you feel about a Rondo, Avery, Gay and Smith core to lead the Cs for the next 5+ years?

Love it
Hate it
no sure
would never happen so who cares

Author Topic: How would you feel about core as the future of the celtics(idea with some rumor)  (Read 1179 times)

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Let me start off by saying Im not a fan or this idea. However there have been rumors about gay and there have been grumblings about smith.


Trade 1

Grizz get Pierce

Celtics get Gay

Trade 2

ATL gets Sully, Green, Terry, 2013 1st

Celt get Smith

This to me screams NBA 2K13 trade but it does have some validity. Like i previously said a few nba insiders have said that they can see a Pierce for Gay trade working for both teams. The Smith side is a little different, recent reports are that Ferry wants to keep Smith to try to get Howard. However if he get cold feet with this plan then the Cs offer is a pretty solid one. Compare this to what Orlando got for Howard and we aren't that fare off.

As for the team the Cs are left with they are Athletic, long, fast, and have tons of defensive potential. The biggest problem I see is shooting the ball.

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This is so far the most ludacris idea ever in this blog. Not that Im against trading for Smith, but why would u trade a poormans-Ruday in Green, your captain for a long time (refer to the post-Perk trade emotions) and a potentially sub-par allstar in Jared?  ??? Where are u at, LaLa land? cause it seems u wanna destroy the team!  :P
Jameer an elite PG?Please, ask that to his garbage highlights.


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It's not unrealistic down the road, I suppose, but I don't see it this year or next year.

Since you brought up the future of the celtics, though, I couldn't help but wonder about what will happen after Pierce's retirement and Garnett's first retirement (he will come back mid-season to try to help the Wolves contend in 2015).

The 2014-2015 Celtics will almost certainly feature Rondo, Bradley, and Sullinger. Then there is room for what you have in mind. There will be a major acquisition or two at the SF and C positions- I'm imagining Luol Deng and Andrew Bogut will be strong targets in the long run, owing to their defensive value and what I think will be their price points. The types of players we target, of course, will also depend on how Bradley and Sullinger develop offensively.

2015 will be Rondo's walk year, so I'm betting he will be traded. Who will run the point after rondo, I wonder? What will the trade market look like in two years?

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Very interesting.

I think maybe Clippers would be involved in a Pierce/Gay trade. Pierce to LA (his from LA), Gay to Boston, don't know what Clippers could offer.

I don't think Danny is going to pull the trigger, but I think he can hear the creak from the window closing, he might be tempted. ???

1.Rondo, 2. Bradley, 3. Gay, 4. Smith 5. ??
if this goes down, we shouldn't be afraid of Rondo leaving ever. :P