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Re: detroit, sac and BOS trade idea
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Re: detroit, sac and BOS trade idea
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I think Drummond and Monroe might be among the most untouchable pieces in the NBA right now.  This isn't happening.

That's pretty silly...similar to saying Al Jefferson should've been untouchable while he was here...thank God he wasn't. In what world Drummond and Monroe should be untouchable is bizarre

  Would that be the same bizarre world where Cousins is a franchise center?

Re: detroit, sac and BOS trade idea
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I said it is a blow it up idea for detroit...meaning if they wanted to try another route this may be a decent option.

Detroit is getting a franchise player in cousins, yes monroe is good but not franchise and yes drummond looks promising butstill dont think he turns into a franchise player. yea yea, Bass is not that good but I said for Boston to throw in a first round pick or even 2 for that matter.
It isn't a blow up trade though because Drummond and Monroe are the type of players you would want to build around.  Trading stuckey, villanueva, prince, maxiell, etc. for draft picks or young guys are blow up trades.  Not trading your two best players who are 19 and 22 and on rookie contracts.
Blow it up in my mind is saying this isnt working, I'm going a different route...and having monroe and drummond together isn't going to work, yes they are both possibly great players but they are very similar...low post players with poor jumpers.

IMO Cousins and bass would have better play then drummond and monroe on the floor together. Bass does well when someone can dominate the paint (aka Cousins). When Bass is playing now, he migth as well be the center bc KG is floatin outside the paint more often then not AND bass isnt a he isnt being used correctly....I think he would be much better off if he had a real center to play along side....I love KG but  he is more of a pf thru and thru
You are just being silly.  Drummond and Monroe are the two most valuable players in that entire trade.  Thus, it is an absolutely horrible trade for Detroit.

Something like this would seemingly work for all three teams

Boston - Villanueva, Prince, Brooks
Detroit - Garcia, Bass, Evans
Sacramento - Green, Stuckey, Melo, Collins

Boston gets some pretty solid pieces with less long term commitment to make a run this year.  Prince would be a great fit at the back-up 3 and Villanueva adds some versatility at the 4.  Brooks is a more than capable backup PG.  Detroit gets a look at Evans and some solid role players to add to their young guys.  Sacramento gets some good value for Evans in Green and Stuckey and a project in Melo.
once again IMO Cousins is the best player in that trade.....i'm i being silly possibly or a better word would be stubborn lol

ur tade isn't bad except villaneuva and KG hate each other and wouldnt mesh well lol
Cousins may very well be the best player in that trade, but he is no where near the most valuable given he is a head case and an expiring contract.

Re: detroit, sac and BOS trade idea
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If literally nothing else, why on Earth would they include Boston in this trade? If they're going to dump Drummond or Monroe for Cousins, they could just trade one of them.