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Re: Talent vs. Consistency
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C's don't have the talent required to win a title.  Not even close.  Pierce and Garnett are clearly at the end of their careers.  Rondo is maddeningly inconsistent and not enough of an offensive presence to be this teams best player.  Bradley and Sullinger are a long way from consistent elite level play (if they ever get there) and the rest of the team is a bunch of role players.  Just not good enough.  Sure a game here or there, Pierce and Garnett can muster the energy and consistency of their youth, but not night in and night out, which means this team is done as a realistic contender without major changes.

  Haven't you been making similar comments since 2009 or so?

Re: Talent vs. Consistency
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The team may not have the talent to win it all, but they've got more talent than 20-22.  It just needs to be used properly, which means smarter line ups and better offensive schemes.

The two things that stood out last night were Boston being completely flummoxed by the Knicks' zone.  That's been happening for years and speaks to how rigid and structured the Celtic offense is.  Zone almost entirely neutralizes Doc's screen-n-spacing concept and since Boston deliberately avoids attacking the offensive glass, the zone's biggest weakness, whenever the team encounters zone it's like they've never played against it before.

The other thing is that Jeff Green got virtually no offensive touches in the second half.  I went back to look and he had three shots in the 3rd quarter (2 three-pointers and a 19 foot jumper) and no shot attempts in the 4th.  And don't say that was some lack of aggression on Green's part.  The game had slowed to a crawl and the team was running plays that were designed to get other people shots.