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Re: Wade benched in the 4th
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Wade is having a disturbing amount of sub-par games against playoff opponents this season. He has been padding his stats against lotto teams.

It sure looks like the wheels are coming off ...

Miami should trade D-Wade now before his decline worsens while they can still get good value for him in the trade market. Not so much for this season but for the year after and the year after that and the next one after that. Otherwise, they could be dealing with a sinking ship (in terms of winning or not winning Championships) within a short period of time.

Re: Wade benched in the 4th
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Off topic- when all is said and done Pierce's career will outshine Wades

There is virtually no way this will happen.
Yeah the NBA values peak play and team success.

Wade's peak coincided with the first Miami title.

Would you say as it stands today that Wade has had a better Career than Pierce?

Who do you mean by the NBA? Peers, media, coaches, commish?

I would say longevity is valued extremely high as well. Wade can't just start to deteriorate over the next 5 years and still be valued that high. Its really incredible what Pierce is able to do at his age. Let's see in 5 years if Wade is doing the same thing