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Re: Expectations for tomorrow (January 15)
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Buy low, sell high.  The only rule of investing that everyone agrees on and that applies pretty much to any transaction including trades of players in professional sports.  You don't trade players if they are playing below their ability or if you're losing IFyou're expecting to get fair value back (there might be other reasons to trade someone, like ridding yourself of a cancer). As this applies to the Cs?  They're in a better position to trade now after a string of wins and guys like Lee, Green and Sullinger are more tradeable now that they are playing better than they were before (and conversely with Bass and Terry). As for trades in the near future? Probably not as the Cs schedule is favorable for the next few weeks and more wins would elevate the value of any of its trade chips.  Danny can afford to wait.
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Re: Expectations for tomorrow (January 15)
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I don't think any significant moves will happen (with any teams) until closer to the deadline.  Trades just rarely happen this early.

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Re: Expectations for tomorrow (January 15)
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Agree with the general consensus...nothing happens for at least a few more weeks...

Re: Expectations for tomorrow (January 15)
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I don't see how Bass is tradeable. We have three rotation big men right now -- trading one of them for another is a lateral move.

1. We have Green, Sullinger, KG, Wilcox (on his return) who can all play PF

2. His salary is reasonable enough to keep him desirable, yet high enough to allow us to get a reasonable player back

3. He's been arguably the worst player on our team over the course of this season. At 26 years old he's unlikely to have lost all his skill in the space of one season, so many teams may want to take a chance in the hope a change of scenery and bigger role brings back the Bass from last season - I legitiately think the emergence of Sullinger has hurt his confidence (along with him being move to the bench at times) so his situation here may not be the best one for him.

Obviously he's no superstar and he won't bring us back a Paul Millsap or a Marcin Gortat, but he might bring us a solid second tier center who can give us solid production behind KG for 20 mins a night.

Personally I think that Wilcox (once he returns) and Collins have done a pretty solid job of holding down the backup center position do I don't think we really NEED a trade to be honest.

Still, Bass has gone downhill big time and as Sully's minutes increase I get the feeling Bass' prouction will continue to drop the the point of invisible.

$4M-$5M a year is a lot of money for a 6'7" PF who's mediocre defensively, one dimensional offensively, a mediocre rebounder, and only on the court for 15 minutes a night.

It would not surprise me in the least to see any combination of Bass/Terry/Barbosa/Collins/Picks sent out in an attempt to get us back a capable big man
1. Sure, we have all those guys who _could_ play PF. Except in the numbers game half of them play something else, KG is the starting center, Green is the backup SF (and his ability to play PF effectively is situational anyhow), and Wilcox is more or less worthless unless you're finding him for wide open shots.

2. This is true. You can also say that for a handful of other players on the team (Lee, Terry, Rondo, Sullinger).

3. This is hilarious. Mostly because it's false. He's been up and down, and definitely worse than he's been the past couple of years -- but Lee, Terry, Bass and Green have all had stretches in which they've played considerably worse than him.

Also, he's not 26, he's not 6'7, and he's not making $4 million per year.

And I won't be talking about any sort of "Sullinger emergency" until he stops being a threat to foul out in 20 minutes.
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