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Re: Called it/did not see coming
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What I saw coming:

Bradley's effect on this team
The speed at which Sully became a major contributor
The early-season struggles before the first two items took place
The fact that the Lakers would struggle
The Clippers' regular season success

What I didn't see coming:

The extent to which the Lakers would struggle
The Pacers and Hawks staying relevant

What I predict:

Another Boston/Miami showdown in the playoffs... unless Boston comes out on the winning end of a major trade, I see Miami advancing yet again on their way to a second Championship

The Clippers won't be able to run as much in the slower playoff atmosphere and will exit in the second round

The Lakers will squeak into the playoffs but will be an early-round exit (OKC and SA would beat them rather easily, Memphis or LAC would be a war and an interesting series)

Despite missing the playoffs, the Hornets and Wizards will become dangerous down the stretch, possibly playing spoiler for playoff teams jostling for seeding

Re: Called it/did not see coming
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Last year I called for Ainge not to blow the team up as I felt they were capable of making a deep playoff run as constituted.

This year I'm making the same call.

I'm hoping they prove me right again, and get even further. 
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