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Re: I've solved our big man problem idea!
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Until it's proven that this team is in trouble fully healthy, there is absolutely no need to make trades. The Celtics are finally looking like the team we all thought they would be.

The same goes for OKC, the best team in basketball isn't making any deals.

I disagree with this a little bit . . . if they could turn Lamb + Toronto 1st into an upgrade at center, that could really make them unbeatable this year.  That could be the difference maker for them against Miami.

Has Lamb proven he's that valuable? He hasn't exactly lit the league on fire.

Perk & that 1st is pretty good enough cause you're getting a high draft pick and a big contract that can be amnestied.

What would be scary is if they get Varejao, or if its possible, Demarcus Cousins.

Other teams can't amnesty somebody they've acquired through trade.

Edit: Never mind. You're right. My bad.