Author Topic: Would Charlotte trade both Walker and MKG for Rondo?  (Read 6598 times)

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Re: Would Charlotte trade both Walker and MKG for Rondo?
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omg, yeah and we'll sprinkle green fairy dust on them and they'll be something more than losers in the nba and we'll sprinkle fairy dust on someone else on the team so they'll be capable of running an offense. don't understand these fascinations with trading a young star and playoff stud for lottery team garbage.spare me!

Yes, because players who are on a losing team are by nature losers not worth investing in.  It's not possible for a player to be really valuable and still be on a team that loses a lot of games.

Obviously since Pierce and Rondo both played on that '06'-7 team that set the franchise record for losing streak they are lottery team garbage.  Total losers.


bravo bravo,let's trade all our players mid season for players on lottery teams right when we're getting it together!