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Interesting strategy by Doc last night
« on: January 12, 2013, 07:03:52 AM »

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I thought for sure with a guy like Lin who has been turnover prone in the past that Doc would put Bradley on him full court and really disrupt theirpick and roll game.

Instead, Rondo was asked to put some pressure on Lin and Bradley mirrored Harden all night.

Both guys held their end of the bargain.

It's nice on 2 levels:

1. Great to see an uptick in Rondos man defense lately
2. This can be a versatile defensive backcourt even though they are undersized. Bradley is no Lindsay Hunter one trick pony ball pressure defender. He is all world on that end and he is multi faceted.

Re: Interesting strategy by Doc last night
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yeah I agree, I thought Doc would put Bradley on the primary guy bringing the ball up the floor, but in hindsight I see why he did it.

a) Harden is their best backcourt (and overall) player, makes sense to put our best defender on him.
b) guys like Rondo take the fame and glamour that have come to Lin personally, i think Rondo always brings his best defensive game against Lin and has had success on him in the past.

Re: Interesting strategy by Doc last night
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Harden initiates the offense more than Lin.

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