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Re: My Personal Apology to Sully
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Fab Melo will most likely end up being JaJuan Johnson 2.0

If you can include him with other pieces like Bass, Wilcox, Barbosa etc.; to get an upgrade at C position, you do it.

Melo has a much higher ceiling than JJJ....Johnson was a four year player in college...generally those guys dont improve that much

Melo on the other hand has barely been playing basketball that long. the scouting report on him always was that he has great defensive instincts/blocker BUT is VERY RAW

Jajuan Johnson being a 4 year college player means he has played against high levels of competition for 4 years adn is more ready to contribute than a 2 year or 1 year college player....he's also gotten better each year.

You thought otherwise earlier ;)

And these are some of your other posts/part of your posts. You seemed pretty high on him at that time :P

I have a feeling this kid is going to be real good in a year or 2....david west type player IMO. kid has the tools to be good

Johnson already has an NBA range of offensive moves. maybe he wont be KG level...but Carl landry level perhaps one day..but I dont think we've seen enough out of him to project either way.

Jajuan Johnson will be a good roleplayer...think carl landry IMO...he's already got a silky NBA jumper

like bass, hes a good "pick and pop" type player, and had a nice turn around jumper in college.

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Re: My Personal Apology to Sully
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Sully could probably put up Love numbers if he was the main man on a team too.

This is going a little overboard, in my opinion.

Kevin Love numbers are somewhere around 26 points and 13 rebounds while shooting 40% from three.  I don't think Sully is anywhere near that level at this point.

Love is out with an injury for two months, so Sully is gonna crush those 0-0-0 stat lines.

And all joking aside, Love has missed a fair number of games since his rookie year. By the end of this year it looks like around 70 games missed in 4 years.

And Mr Love has shot 21% from three point land this year while attempting 5 a game. If he was on this team, he would be driving a lot of us nuts