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Chris Kaman
« on: January 11, 2013, 12:04:45 AM »

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The Mavs are terrible this year.  They're further from the playoffs than we are #1 in the East.

Meanwhile, Kaman is signed to a 1-year deal, so there's little reason for them to keep him.  Our defense has definitely improved in the last week, but adding an interior presence like Kaman could be very useful.  The following combos of players are close enough in salary to acquire him-- presumably the Celtics would need to give up some sort of draft compensation for a few of these.

JET and Collins (draft pick(s) most certainly needed)
Lee and Collins (picks maybe, but not definitely needed)
Bass and Melo (I'd hope a pick weren't needed.)
Bass and Sully (I'd be mad if a pick were included)
JET and Bradley (please dear goodness no)
Lee and Bradley (heaven help us no)
Bass and Bradley (I think Danny would be crazy to trade Bradley)
Green and Bradley or Sully or Melo (I know people are soured on Green, but really?)
Bass and Barbosa also works, as does Green and Barbosa.
Wilcox can't be traded without his permission.

Of the above combinations, I'd think that JET-Collins-picks would make the most sense for both teams.  JET has had success in Dallas, and while they were willing to move on, their team has clearly struggled this year (most of the time without Dirk, but they are where they are.)  Cuban has been trying to save cap space for next year (and done well at that at least), but Terry's contract isn't too expensive, and is likely re-tradeable, ahould Dallas still not want him. Collins comes off the books next year, but in the meantime offers frontcourt depth.  Picks for an asset that has no value to them at this point are obviously useful.

For the C's, it gives them a real inside presence defensively to pair with KG.  If Kaman's experience goes well here, maybe he would even resign next season for the MLE.(Probably not, but a guy can dream.)  If he leaves and Pierce retires (please no, but possible), we could have some real cap room to work with in the offseason.  Furthermore, unlike many on this board, I worry about the negative future implications of trading a player who signed a multi-year contract this past summer.  Eventually it could limit free agents from signing here, if it hasn't already.  JET, however, played in Dallas and gave them right of first refusal, so sending him back there would send a less negative signal.

Admittedly, I'm not sure any of these trades are terribly interesting for Dallas unless they're getting Bradley (which, no,) but I do think Kaman would be a good fit this season.  Thoughts?

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I wouldn't do any of those trades for Kaman... definitely not worth it. Not to mention he's very injury prone

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I don't think Dallas will agree to any deal that compromises their cap space for next year.

I don't think the Celtics have enough short-term/expiring/small contracts to get a package together.
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No thanks. I really wanted him last year, but he has been a disappointment in Dallas. All he does is shoot jumpers.

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I don't get the lack of love for Kaman.  Sure, he's injury prone, but he's played all but 2 games this year, has his highest field goal percentage since 2008-2009, still has a good rebounding rate, and has his highest PER since 2007-2008.

Dallas has stunk, but Kaman has played pretty well.  He's not a superstar, but he has something to offer for this team.

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Too slow and not a good enough jumpshooter to fit our offense.

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